Shiseido Body* Replenish Body Cream

Shiseido Body

Shiseido - Replenish Body Cream


Suggested Usage

A high performance body cream, specially targeting sagging, dryness and poor circulation, through a blend of scientifically proven Eastern Botanicals, such as Yuzu Extract, HouttuyniaCordata Extract and Hawthorn Extract. Formulated into a unique highly moisturising texture made with Agar Gel.

Recommended to those who want an anti-aging body cream. Also those who want a firming and nourishing body treatment.

- Firms skin tissue
- Improves the skins color, tone and texture
- Defines contours and improves water metabolism
- Protects skin from the aging effect of oxidation
- Improves the overall appearance of cellulite
- 24hr moisturizing effect
- Smoothes skin texture and improves roughness
- Non-sticky texture
- An energizing aromoachology fragrance note is added through Jasmine Sambac. This helps increase blood temperature to add circulation and improve overall skin renewal effect

Use after cleansing the body. Warm cream in the palm of the hand and inhale 2 or 3 times, before applying to the body. Use upward lifting movements to aid circulation.

Size : 200ml


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